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TAA PODCAST #001: Building a Real Estate Business in a Competitive Market Using Creative Video Content

Hi, everybody! We are ecstatic to announce that we have started a podcast for The Agent’s Archive.

For the first episode, we were joined by James Brown of the Laura Bonck Homes Team with Nan & Company Real Estate in Houston, Texas.

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James got into the real estate industry in 2020 after being told for many years by friends and family that his charisma and unmatched work ethic would serve him well in the industry. After much prayer, he found himself diving right in and giving it his all.

He has found great success and made quick work of building a business for himself. Using his natural talents and taking massive action, he creates very unique video content that differentiates him from all the competition in the highly-saturated Houston market.

Are you a brand new agent looking to set yourself apart? Are you an experienced agent ready to start rebuilding your business and creating a strong online presence? There are so many golden nuggets of wisdom in the episode, and we look forward to having James back on again in the future.

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Email: james.brown@nanproperties.com

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Matt Moreland
Matt Morelandhttps://www.mattmorelandrealtor.com/
Matt is a real estate agent, investor, and entrepreneur in Texas, where he lives with his wife and three children. When he is not working on The Agent's Archive, he is helping his clients acquire investment properties, guiding new agents as they enter the industry, farming wine grapes, or working on something for his winery. In his free time he enjoys homesteading with his family, hunting, swimming, and backpacking.