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Best Parts About a Career as a Real Estate Agent

The best parts about a career as a real estate agent are the control over your own schedule, not having a ceiling on your income, and the dynamic environment you work in.

You Set Your Own Schedule

One of the best parts about working as a real estate agent is the freedom that it provides. With that freedom comes setting your own work schedule.

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Real estate agents can choose to work as much or as little as they like. You could be working 40, 80, or 10 hours per week depending on what your goals are and what leverage you are using in your business.

Starting out, most agents will typically be working on the higher end of that range while building their business. Once established, it is not uncommon for experienced agents to be working for 10-20 hours per week and be making far more than they did starting out.

Determining Your Own Income

In real estate, your income is only limited by the work you are putting in. If your goal is to work part-time and make $25,000 per year, plenty of agents are doing exactly this. If you want to go full-time and make six-figures, that is entirely possible as well.

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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make on Average?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, real estate agents working full-time are making an average of $51,220 per year.

This being the average, it is possible to be making nothing just as much as it is to make significantly more. To learn about all the ways that real estate agents earn money, check out our article detailing the subject.

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Doing New Things Every Day

Are you sitting in a cubicle for 10 hours every day at your current job? One of the best parts about a career in real estate is the dynamic nature of the industry.

As a real estate agent, you can be doing something different and meeting new people every single day.

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Structured Freedom

In real estate, the most successful agents build consistent routines. Spending mornings prospecting and lead generating, and keeping your afternoons open. Afternoons are best for scheduling listing appointments, showings, and closings.

Finding the schedule the fits in best with your routine and life is key to building a sustainable business. Nothing worth doing is worth doing temporarily. Success in real estate requires consistency, work ethic, and performance.

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