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How to Setup a Google Business Profile for Real Estate Agents


Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) is the most important tool for businesses, and it’s a must-have for real estate agents. It helps you connect with potential customers, boost your local search ranking, and showcase your services and products. Google Business Profile allows you to create a free business profile that will appear on its search results pages, where customers can find your business information. This is important because most people use Google to find local companies before doing business with them.

Why Google Business Profile is Important for Real Estate Agents?

Google Business Profile is a free and easy way to let customers find your business online. GMB helps you show up in local search results on Google.com, Maps, and Google Local so that potential customers can find the information they need about your business when they’re searching for relevant products or services nearby.

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There are many benefits to using GMB:

  • It helps you manage your online reputation by showing potential customers all the great things people are saying about your business.
  • It lets customers connect with you directly through reviews, which can help increase sales over time and improve customer loyalty as people see positive things being said about a company they like to do business with often enough—and who doesn’t want that?

How to Setup Google Business Profile for Real Estate Agents?

  • Add your business address
  • Add a catchy headline
  • Add a description of your business
  • Include links to your website, social media accounts, and other relevant information such as hours of operation or client testimonials
  • Upload an image that represents you or your business (this is not essential but it helps)

Verifying Your Business

  • Verify your business address
  • Verify your business phone number
  • Verify your business hours
  • Create a profile photo for your company listing by uploading it from either Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Add photos of your office space by uploading them from either Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Add links to websites where people can find more information about what it is you
  • Ask clients who have worked with you in the past for reviews and testimonials. (This is super important!)

Keep Your Profile Updated

Keep your profile updated with accurate information. Make sure you have all the correct contact information and details on your profile and make sure they’re up to date. You can do this by checking back in with Google Business Profile at least once or twice a year to verify whether anything needs updating.

If you notice that something has changed since creating your Google Business Profile listing (for example, if you’ve moved offices), take the time to update it, so that prospective customers aren’t confused about where their appointment is taking place!

Be Responsive to Customer Reviews

When it comes to reviews, you need to be responsive to all of them. Google looks for this behavior and can penalize businesses that don’t respond promptly. Responding to positive reviews shows customers that you care about them and value their thoughts on your business. Responding to negative reviews also helps show customers that you’re serious about improving the service or product they received from you. If a customer writes a review saying something like “The salesperson didn’t answer my questions when I asked them,” it’s always important for the salesperson (or someone else at the company) to reach out via phone call or email and resolve whatever issues were created during their experience with your business.

Responding neutrally doesn’t necessarily mean writing back an apology letter; however, just acknowledging someone’s comment can go a long way! For example: “Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We want all of our client’s experiences with us at ABC Realty Group LLC to be memorable ones!”

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After you’ve set up your business listing, you will have a great opportunity to promote yourself and your business.

After you’ve set up your business listing, you will have a great opportunity to promote yourself and your business. You can use your Google Business Profile listing to promote yourself or your agency on websites, social media posts, and other advertisements.

You can also add a “Call Now” button that leads straight to the phone number of your agency. If someone is searching for real estate agents in their area, they may be looking for one specific company and want to get in touch immediately with them. This feature can help provide them with easy access, so they don’t have to search through multiple listings before they find what they’re looking for.


In this article, we have covered all the steps required to set up a Google Business Profile account. We have also explained how you can use this account to promote your real estate business online.

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