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Starting in Real Estate

How Many Leads Should You Be Generating from Open Houses?

If you are a new agent, you are likely hosting open houses every weekend. Open houses are one of the best ways for agents...

Consistency is the Secret to Social Media

Are you building a brand for yourself and your real estate business on social media? As you will learn, the key to social media...

QUICK TIP for Buyer’s Agents: Get Your Buyer’s Pre-Approved

Here's a tip that all buyer's agents need to know. Make sure your clients have a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter before showing them houses...

New Agent Series: How to Price Your Listings

As a new real estate agent, pricing your new listings can be quite a daunting task. Without years of experience selling houses for clients,...
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Guide: Creating a Unique Brand Identity as a Real Estate Agent

Creating a powerful brand identity is crucial for success in the real estate industry. With more agents than buyers and sellers in each market,...

How to Get into Real Estate: Essential Tips for Aspiring Real Estate Agents

Navigate your real estate career with our comprehensive guide. Uncover vital tips for aspiring real estate professionals, including acquiring the right education, choosing your brokerage, leveraging technology, and honing marketing skills. Kickstart your successful real estate journey today!
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